You Asked For It

ResourcesYou Asked For It

Items requested by the neighbors at past meetings:

Street Light Out - 420-5160
Pothole to be filled - 420-5530

Recipe for a Successful Organized Neighborhood(pdf)

10 Things You Your Neighbors Can Do (pdf)

Key to Neighborhood Safety
This is phone # information we used for a Door Hanger in English and Spanish. This was inspired by David Terrazas who collaborated with Santa Cruz Neighbors and Printed by Community Printers, Jenny Heth graphic design.

Animal Services Authority - Barking Dogs and Other Noise Problems

Graffiti Free Santa Cruz

Identity Theft Presentation (pdf)

Loud & Unruly Gatherings Ordinance (pdf)

Noise Ordinance (pdf)

Public Hearing Notification Ordinance 6-06 (pdf)

Public Notification Planning Comm. Agenda Report 5-06 (pdf)

Public Property Ordinances March 09 (pdf)
Downtown, Beach and Commercial area ordinances

Responsibilities for Code Enforcement (pdf)

Sidewalk Maintenance Program trifold (pdf)

Street Performing in SC trifold (pdf)

Santa Cruz Police Dept. Trespass Letter(pdf)
Mostly for Businesses when they are not present on property

UC Good Neighbor Guidelines trifold025 (pdf)

UCSC Red Cup Drinking Brochure(pdf)

Unruly Gatherings Ordinance Flyer (pdf)

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